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Whether you want to become a thought leader or turn your company into a media channel, you’ve come to the right place.
Here’s how we roll;

Step 1: I collaborate with you to create your master list of topics and headlines that we will cover each month.

Step 2: You’re an expert in your field, and I know how to create top of the line content that sells. I will help you identify the top questions, conversations, and trends in your industry.

Step 3: I’ll understand your thoughts on a topic and create articles that are relevant, complete, fast-paced and well-structured.


Two Articles / Month
Four Articles / Month
Eight Articles / Month
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Here’s why I do what I do;

I love what I do, and helping people and businesses succeed drives me. I don’t like to call myself a know-it-all guru or expert, but I can tell you what I’m great at;

Superpower #1: I can help your business position itself as an expert establishment on various business-related topics including entrepreneurship, work-life balance, productivity, wellbeing, meditation, startups, entrepreneurship and more.

Superpower #2: I can help you, as the business owner or CEO, ease into thought leadership – where you’re constantly talking about things that matter and see the impact you’re making on the world.

Superpower #3: My blog can help you solve some of the most persistent problems you’re facing as a business owner of a new company. Let me help you navigate through the challenges, build a product you love, create business relationships that last a lifetime, bring more balance into your life and more. 

10X research

Every 60 seconds, over a thousand new blog posts are uploaded to WordPress alone. With so much content out there, I know you need your website to stand out. This is why I focus on 10X research. 


As a copywriter

Marketing materials are a sweet spot. I specialize in highly targeted emails and email sequences, newsletters, landing pages and web copy. 



I’ve built my business by focusing on your success. I know you have deadlines, which is why I always deliver on time. 

As a blogger-for-hire

You can hire me as a blogger for your business or personal website to get kick-ass blog posts about a vast variety of business-related topics.


SEO optimization

I write for humans, but I ensure that bots also feel happy crawling the content.


As an editor

I can be hired as an editor to give your copy the polish it needs to have a serious impact on your readers.  

Other topics that I cover:

Investing/ Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, Self-Employment, and Work-at-Home Jobs/ Outsourcing/ WordPress/ Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing/ Blogging and  Personal Branding.


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Manam was a great addition to the team and worked side by side with our content department. Literally took the project off our shoulders, understood client requirements and delivered perfectly.

Dania Zehra
Dania Zehra
Cofounder, SETalks