I’m a personal branding strategist, ghostwriter, book aficionado, mother, storyteller, personal development enthusiast, meditation practitioner, and a truly curious human.

I help founders, CEOs, & busy execs like you build their personal brands. And just like me, you are more than one thing. I help weave together all those magic parts of you into a professional personal brand that people CANNOT ignore.

You’re hiding gold in your head. Those experiences you had, challenges you overcame, and businesses you built or shut down, have given you so much knowledge and therefore real-world insights into the ways of the working world. It’s not fair to keep all that knowledge to yourself.

Did you know?

Personal branding content gets 8X more engagement,
is reshared 24X more frequently, and leads from a personal brand convert 7x more often, compared to a company page.

Personal branding is not ego-driven, boastful, or self-centered.

It’s your unique competitive advantage.

Unlocking the full benefits of a personal brand requires time, consistent effort, and skill.

As a busy professional, you wear many hats and make countless decisions. This makes it painfully slow (& difficult) to manage more. Writing for your personal brand is hard. Writing great copy that *stops the scroll* consistently and attracts your ideal customer while growing your authority, is even harder. 

And yet these are the very building blocks of ALL personal brands you love (or hate) but can’t ignore.

This is where I come in. 

I get on kickoff calls with you, design your content strategy, create content pillars and key topics, and get the ball rolling. 

Your investment?

Just 2 hours per month.

Ready to grow your personal brand on autopilot?

Drop me a hey! hello@manamiqbal.com

Three Ways I Can Help You

1- Retainer Packages.

LinkedIn 12-Monthly Posts

Posting 3x a week means you’ll stay top-of-mind for the people who matter. Get 12 posts that are strategically crafted for growth and impact.

LinkedIn 4 Monthly Posts

Boost your network and opportunities with a consistent presence. Perfect for a steady content flow and staying top of mind.

Hands-off LinkedIn Management

This is a full-service solution for a thriving LinkedIn presence including profile optimization, content creation, & engagement.

2- One-off Projects

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Your profile works as your landing page. It’s the first place potential customers, employers, recruiters, and hires check you out when they want to work with you. Is your profile making the right first impression?

Personal Branding Website Content

Building a personal branding website and looking for hard-hitting, no-nonsense, spectacularly impactful copy? You’re at the right place.

3- Coaching And Consulting

One-On-One Calls

Perfect for self-starters. Personalized guidance, ideal if you need help figuring out how to begin.

Content Coaching

Want a more hands-on approach to your content creation? Get tailored guidance to help you write killer copy.
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Need help writing impactful, captivating content on LinkedIn?

Get the inside scoop on these little-known secrets of human psychology, combined with 5 ready-to-use templates so you can:

  • Stop firing in the dark.
  • Eliminate the guesswork.
  • Avoid 5 months of trial & error.

And grab attention GUARANTEED so you can start showing up online right now without wasting time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a personal brand?

In a word, yes. Everyone needs a personal brand today because it’s the perfect launchpad for new opportunities. It gets more eyeballs on your business, unlocks career growth, and attracts the right talent.

But I don't like to self-promote.

Your brand is built around you. But it exists to benefit your target audience and help them solve a problem. The best way to create one is to shine the spotlight on them.

What's the required time commitment?

2 hours a month is all you need to get started. We’ll take care of the rest.

I don’t like sharing personal stories.

Talking about mistakes, missteps, challenges, and failures makes us all more human. And it helps a person five steps behind you avoid those problems simply because you were brave enough to share your truth. People like to do business with those they like and trust.