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Born and raised in Karachi, I came to Dubai a few years ago with dreams of working for myself after a corporate career. I had nothing but the ambition to live life on my own terms, an unquenchable love for the written word, and lots of grit. But a switch from a corporate career to building something for myself – as anybody who’s ever done this can tell – comes with its fair share of highs and lows.

The unconventional path.

I soon realized that my path to freedom was going to be unconventional and non-linear. I started small, often working with just about anyone and everyone that would give me a chance to prove my mettle. A handful of nicely done writing projects later, I started getting more work than I could handle. 


But I also knew that I was all over the place, writing social media captions for one client in the morning and working on a brand guide for another in the evening. It was thrilling – but also too much. It was time to pick a specialty. And then came personal branding. I’ll be honest.

I chose it for selfish reasons.

That’s because I’d done enough work by then to know I LOVED telling stories. And I was pretty darn good at them. Moreover, for centuries humans have been moved by stories. Research confirms that purely emotional content alone improves profit TWICE as much compared to rational content. Add to that the power of authority content that proves your expertise, and the business results are too good to ignore.


The first thing I did was to start building my own personal brand. I took courses, learned everything from the top creators, and made a lot of mistakes in the process. It has been a powerful experience. Next, I was ready to help others who knew personal branding was important but did not have the time or knowledge to attempt it themselves. Over the last 2 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with 35+ founder & C-suite brands.


Perks of the job? I get access to incredible minds. 


I’ve learned a thing or two about growth, resilience, the importance of never giving up on this journey, and that there are people out there who’ve had it much harder and who rose to meet those challenges with grace.

Bring your whole self to the table

Today’s workplace demands that you bring your whole self to the table. Your personality, your humour, your work ethic, and your unique gifts because they make you – different. You are more than just a CEO, entrepreneur, or professional, and a personal brand that embraces your entire person promises incredible rewards.

Great work deserves to be done AND seen

Long gone are days when great work was enough. Today, great work deserves to be done and seen because it positions you as an expert, increases your credibility and trust, builds your network, and enables you to own your narrative.

Take a chance on yourself. You’ll never regret it.

I’m on a mission to breath life and humanness back into dull, neglected leader profiles.


So you are easily found on LinkedIn. So you’re profile visitors aren’t getting confused by who you are or what you do and actually find what you have to say interesting and intriguing.

Tell Stories

Your experiences are just as valuable as the knowledge in your head. My goal is to extract that gold and share it in meaningful ways with your audience.

Show Expertise

You’re are an expert. You have a network. But is it enough? It’s time to up the ante and showcase your expertise to a wider network so more opportunities start coming to you, instead of the other way around.


I’m here to serve. To showcase your work because it matters more than you think, and share your experiences because you could be changing someone’s life (and your own) in the process.

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